Aero Mid-Size Bus

Industry’s most durable and dependable bus

The Aero mid-size bus product line has been designed and engineered to meet your every transportation need.

Each Aero bus is built on a fiberglass composite, steel-reinforced body structure that meets FMVSS and CMVSS side and rear impact standards to deliver a safe, stable, and high quality ride experience.

The corrosion-resistant fiberglass exterior provides a durable finish that stands up to the elements year in and year out in every climate. Additionally, a premium undercoating provides superior undercarriage corrosion protection, and all doorframes and step wells are built with stainless steel and powder coated to ensure that these exposed areas are well protected and will last.

Available in multiple floor plan configurations, each model can be equipped with options such as front or rear wheelchair lifts, a rear storage compartment, and easy to access interior or exterior luggage racks to create the perfect bus that will meet rigorous daily use demands in any service environment.