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Technical Support

The following are links to technical support documents.

For further assistance, please contact our Support Team.

Phone: 1-800-955-9086 (after 5 pm, call will be returned the next business day)
Fax: (785) 827-3017
E-mail: BusSupport@eldorado-bus.com
Watch this video for assistance in determining which electrical center is installed in your bus: Watch Video.


The Advantage Electrical Center is mounted in the passenger side firewall under the dash.
Standard on Advantage but upgradeable to the EP3 Electrical Center.
Released to production on 7-13-2012.

The EP2 is mounted above the driver’s door and will be attached with an aluminum mounting bracket. The PC board is black and has eight relays.
Released to production on 5-10-06.


The RPM module is programmed specifically for the options that the unit was ordered with. For specific body wiring schematics call 800-955-9086 extension 430.


The RCT has a green PC board and 24 relays with electrical terminals around the outside.
Released to production on 3-23-07.


The A/C board is located on the rear fiberglass wall of the bus behind the rear A/C pad.